Getting married??? Have you done a background check?

It is important to be very sure that you are marrying the right person, then nothing to worry and happiness all around. A lifelong promise with each other requires that kind of confidence & faith in each other. Therefore, it is essential to do a background check before saying ‘FINAL YES’.

Why it is important to investigate before the wedding?

A pre-marital investigation has become a trend and necessity more so in today’s time when most marriages are ending up in divorce due to fake information whether it is arranged or love, there’s no reason why you should skip pre-matrimonial inquiry. Background checks will make sure that you are getting into the right lifetime relationship.

Pre-matrimonial inquiry

Your family does casual inquiry about the bride/groom before deciding on a matrimony marriage date. But, to get in detail deep investigation about vital facts information it is essential to do a complete background check to verify the authenticity of your prospective spouse. Is he/she well settled? Has he/she been married already? It is better to know in advance instead of getting stuck after marriage and face such unwanted surprises.

Infidelity investigation

Maybe your prospective spouse is cheating on you for not disclosing any current affairs/relationships? Or there might be signs that could have made you conscious and think on these terms. Don’t let a doubt ruin a beautiful relationship. Engage a personal investigation service provider for character check & get your doubts cleared.

Income/financial checks

We do such investigations completely in a discreet manner so that your name would never be revealed.

Family background

Marriage is not only just about two individuals, but it’s also about two families. Therefore, it is essential to do an overall reputation check of family status. Their occupation, their character, crime record (if any), social reputation & other personal details.


We, Shadibyahwale are providing investigation service which includes Pre-Matrimonial Inquiry, Background Checks, Divorce Related etc. If you want to do a background check of your prospective bride/ groom, contact today.