What does Divorce Rate Say about Indian Marriages?

When I think of divorce, I think of Ross.  We may dismiss this famous line told by Joey Tribbiani in America’s greatest sitcom FRIENDS thinking this happens in the West. But times in India are a changing. As of now, there are 1.36 million divorced people in India.

According to a BBC report, this is equivalent to 0.24% of the married population, and 0.11% of the total population. Percentage-wise you may think this is no big deal but here’s a little lowdown on what this means. The number of people separated is almost thrice the number of people divorced. Does that make sense?

While researching on why Indian marriages are failing, SBW team compared statistics with theories about the changing preferences of the youth. Most of these factors made a clear point about the state of Indian marriages today. Read on to find what we analyzed.

# 1 Low divorce rate doesn’t mean most marriages are happy

We hate to break it to you but just because the divorce rate in India is just 1%, it doesn’t change the fact that marriages not ending in divorce are happy ones. This coupled with the fact that the number of separated couples is thrice than that of divorced ones makes it clear that statistics don’t paint the right picture.

People may not have been legally divorced but they are living separately or are just living within a marriage with some compromise or understanding. A report states that more men are divorced and separated than women because they easily find suitable partners the second time.

This compels a large percentage of women in India to stay inside unhappy marriages. Another reason why couples choose to live in an unhappy marriage is because they want to save their children from the mental trauma.

# 2 Matriarchal societies have higher divorce rates

In the North-east India and parts of South India, there are matriarchal societies where divorce rates are much higher.

Mizoram has the highest divorce rate (4.08%) which is more than four times that of Nagaland, the state with the second highest rate (0.88%).

Meghalaya has the most number of cases of separation, followed by Mizoram, Sikkim, Kerala and Chhattisgarh.

# 3 Re-marriage options are limited in India 

There’s a lot of social stigma that’s attached with divorce in India even today. This is evident from the statistics of cases of separation compared to divorces.

As a result, it also becomes very challenging for divorced people to find partners again. Owing to social norms, there are very few matrimonial services that are offering a good authentic system of finding partners for the second time.

Re-marriage cases are often not investigated properly and further result in separation.

# 4 Indian value system is breaking

A few generations before, living within a marriage was mandatory on the part of both partners in India even if they were unhappy.

As we stated earlier, a lot of people remained in an unhappy marriage for the happiness of their children as well. However, this kind of value system is now breaking with millennials becoming more aware of their options, and women being empowered to live alone or independently.

While women empowerment in terms of financial status is re-assuring and is a good sign, it still does not solve the problem of their remarriage completely. Even today, men find it easier to find life partners for the second time than women.

# 5 Need for an authentic system of background checks

There are pitfalls in both offline and online matrimonial services that treat marriages and weddings like any other business.

There’s hardly any system of authentic investigation or background checks that lead to unhappy marriages or divorces.

There’s also a risk of fraudsters wanting to extract money from the girls’ families through online networking. Therefore, ShadiByahWale introduced an authentic system of pre-matrimonial investigation.

Creating a profile on SBW is subject to approval and serious scrutiny. We start from verifying a person’s identity through official documents along with giving him or her an option of self-investigation.

That way, they have to verify their details in person through one of our personnel so that there’s no room for lies or frauds. We have one of the most trusted systems of databases for candidates around the world along with fool-proof facilities of investigating social, professional and criminal records of any candidate.

Our mission is to create happy marriages and bring the divorce and separation rates down.

If you have a query, a doubt about someone who you are about to marry, let us know and put your mind at peace.