More and more silver singles are opting to marry in India. And it’s no more stigma, at least for those who have decided to marry at this age. In 2011, Hindi Cinema actor Suhasini Mulay married at the age of 60 and created headlines. Ever since there has been a steady change that’s becoming visible in Indian society.

There are people who lost their spouse or their first marriage ended in divorce, and who have lived more than half their lives to realize that they need a partner now more than at any point in life. There are also cases of people who remained single until 50 and married again.

Looking at the brighter side

Marriage is ultimately about companionship. While aging adults may not have the prospect of starting a family at 50, they still have the option of spending their remaining life with a partner happily. Earlier in India, re-marriage after a certain age or marrying late at 50 was considered a social stigma for several reasons.

There were grown-up children who objected to their widowed or divorced parent’s re-marriage and there were relatives who didn’t think about the happiness of such people. There’s no denying that several families still are opposed to people marrying at 50 years and onwards.

However, with millennial generation moving towards more open and modern thinking, they are now encouraging their single parents to re-marry.

Deciding maturely

Unlike popular opinion, it is possible to develop compatibility while marrying someone who is beyond 50 years of age. Both the partners bring in their set of experiences and there’s a mutual need for companionship.

This makes these marriages work for the good of both because both have tasted loneliness at some point. Such partners learn to cherish what they have and are able to love each other beyond physical appearances.

Finding trusted people to marry after 50

Another decisive factor in the success of late marriages is the way a life partner is chosen. It’s very imperative to find a partner who can be trusted, who has provided accurate details about his or her life and journey.

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